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"Cletus Kids"

We know you and your kiddos want to help the pantry! Kids are never too young to make a difference and to learn how to help their community. Many of our regular volunteer opportunities are designed for teens and adults, that’s why “Cletus Kids” was born. Activities are designed for kids 6-12 years old.

Donation Kits - Gather donations or purchase materials to make kits for the pantry. Some examples from Cletus Kids include: Valentine’s kid bags, Easter baskets, meal kit creation, toiletry bag assembly, birthday bags, and more.

Food Drive – Organize a food drive. Focus on our current most needed items or your kid’s favorite foods (pb&j, mac & cheese, snacks, etc.). 

Lemonade Stand – Kids can host lemonade stands to help raise money for the Pantry. This is a great option for families, neighbors, scouts, block parties, and garage sales.

Grocery Donations – Take our wish list to the grocery store with you and let your kid(s) help pick out items specifically for others.

Giving Tree Tags – Each year we provide Christmas gifts to over 1,000 children and seniors throughout Lyons Township. Consider taking a tag (or more) from our Giving Trees in November-December and picking out Christmas gifts for similar aged children.

Cletus Kids Service Events – A few times a year we host a service opportunity appropriate for children (ages 6-12) and a parent/caregiver. Sign up for our e-news to be alerted to these opportunities.

Get your School/Group Involved! – Schools/Groups support the pantry by participating in our holiday drive, collecting food, toiletries or cleaning supplies, making meal kits or hygiene kits and more.

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